GET YOUR ZEGBOARD NOW! Next day delivery!
GET YOUR ZEGBOARD NOW! Next day delivery!


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The Zegboard is a two-wheel balancing scooter with dual gyros, allowing for a smooth ride and sensitive movement, using weight disposition to change speed and direction. With an advanced battery system that can last over 18 miles, the Zegboard really does allow you to get around. Only buy from the official Zegboard site – you may have seen fake products circulating the internet, which break easily and use imitation batteries and parts. This is the OFFICIAL product which has been making waves all over the internet, attracting a number of celebrities, and available at a heavily discounted rate. Stock is limited so grab yours today!

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** Next Day Delivery – Call 07818 357 593 **

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How do you get around? Thanks to the ZegBoard, it’s in style!

The ZegBoard is the most entertaining way to get around town – with computer sensors in the footpads, it allows for rapid movement in any given direction, offering a safe, yet fast riding experience.

  • Get up to 18 mile travel range on just one charge (dependant on user’s weight and travel speed – see our FAQ for more info)
  • 36 Volt 4.4A Samsung Lithium long-lasting battery
  • 700 watts of power
  • Fully charged in just 2 hours
  • Maximum Speed of 12.4mph
  • Safe climbing range up to an angle of 15 degrees
  • Maximum capacity of 120kg
  • Lightweight frame weighing just 24 lbs

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